2019 Yankee Homecoming Parade:


Pennies’ Grocery Cart Challenge

Planned again for Summer 2020


The Team from Salisbury Elementary PTA are grocery cart champions. They really hustled and looked terrific as they marched in Pennies’ Grocery Cart Challenge. Together with the 8 other decked-out grocery cart teams, they collected over 2500 pounds of food that was distributed to local food pantries.  Thank you to the teams and the generous donations of spectators!

We had a beautiful day for the inaugural grocery cart challenge and, thanks to the use of Nourishing the North Shore’s van, we had room to transport all the food donated by Parade spectators and contributors to the food drives that teams conducted in advance. Start planning your entry for next year. This is loads of fun.


Sunday, August 4th, starting at noon


Be part of the Yankee Homecoming Parade on Sunday, August 4th, starting at noon, by participating in the Pennies’ Grocery Cart Challenge.

You can participate in the Grocery Cart Challenge as a spectator or as a Grocery Cart Team.

  • As a spectator, you take non-perishable food and personal care items to the Parade in order to fill the Grocery Carts as teams wheel them by. All food collected will be donated to local food pantries. Please help us pass the word to friends and neighbors along the route. To help you plan your collection efforts, please click the Donation List button to view a list of suggested non-perishable items.


  • As a Grocery Cart Team, complete the entry form below. Next, design a wacky and festive “grocery cart” on wheels. Think, wagons, push or pull carts, a laundry bin on wheels, an electric golf cart with room for groceries in tow (but no gasoline-powered vehicles, please). And decorate away: words, pictures, themes, balloons, streamers, humor, …the sky is the limit!

On the day of the event, carts will become “part of the act” and flood the parade route, collecting non-perishable food along the way. Please note that participants are responsible for their health and ability to push or pull their cart (with groceries) the full parade route, and to bring necessary items like water, sunscreen, and good walking shoes, for starters.

Teams are encouraged to start with their own collection of non-perishables in their cart on the day of the challenge. Spectators will bring non-perishables to add to the carts en route. To support the collection effort along the parade route, there will be two conveniently located receptacles to receive donations for teams to offload along the way.

At the end of the parade route, Pennies’ judges will declare one Grocery Cart Team the “2019 Grocery Cart Champions” based on cart design creativity and team hustle to fill the cart along the parade route. So bring your game!