Information about Poverty in Greater Newburyport

Poverty impacts many in our local community. The chart below reflects data for the communities of Newburyport, Amesbury, Salisbury, Newbury, West Newbury, and Rowley. It makes clear that, despite the impression of affluence in our area, many are struggling with poverty and many of those are children

Key poverty stats in greater newburyport


Source: 2015 American Community Survey via:

As shown, in the six towns served by Pennies for Poverty, from four to 12% of the population live in poverty, as defined by the federal government. That definition doesn’t take into account the costs of today’s healthcare, housing, and other essentials so the true rate of poverty is much higher.



Other resources useful in understanding poverty in our area are shown below:

YWCA One Night Homeless Count 2016

2017 One Night Homeless Study by YWCA

Report on Poverty in Greater Newburyport 

Source Data Used in Report on Poverty in Greater Newburyport: American Community Survey Brief on Poverty 2000-2012Poverty Statistics from American Community Survey for 6 Towns in Greater Newburyport Area (2008-2012)Poverty Statistics from American Community Survey for 6 Towns in Greater Newburyport Area (2005-2009)

Information about Poverty Relief Organizations

Pennies for Poverty maintains an online searchable directory of local social services. Try it out: Resources Directory for Greater Newburyport

Information about Volunteer Opportunities

Nonprofit organizations in Greater Newburyport have begun posting their volunteer needs on the website The site makes it easy for prospective volunteers to find local opportunities that fit their interests and skills. Volunteers can register to get email updates as new listings are posted. It is free and easy to use. Try it out. Go to and get started.