Your Online Vote for Pennies from April 1 to April 30 = More Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Fish for Neighbors in Need

March 24, 2015

Pennies for Poverty has been selected to participate in The Provident Bank’s annual OUR COMMUNITY, YOUR E-VOTE campaign, which lets the community decide how to allocate $20,000 set aside for non-profit organizations. Help us provide more fresh fruits, vegetables and fish to neighbors in need in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

The voting process is entirely online. The ballot requires your name and email address. Email addresses are for the purposes of voting only. Only one vote can be cast per email address. The Provident Bank does not contact or retain any email addresses.

Vote for Pennies for Poverty before April 30th. Your vote will enable us to provide more fresh fruit, vegetables, fish to people in need in Newburyport and surrounding towns.

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