Board Member Biographies

Amy Weickert, Co-President, is a creative marketing strategist, communications and PR professional, with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. She has lived in Newburyport for 20 years with her husband and three children. She is a member of the First Religious Society in Newburyport and has been a volunteer for many local and national organizations. Contact her by email at

Sue McKittrick, Co-President, retired from a career in management consulting that included more than 20 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She continues some consulting work for non-profit organizations and volunteers locally to help people in need of food or housing. She has lived in Newburyport since 2013. Contact her by email at

Michael Sandberg, Board Member, moved to Newburyport in 2009. He is retired from his private medical practice in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Immigration Medicine and as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Tufts Medical School. Contact him by email at

Todd Atanasoff, Board Member. Todd is  a commercial banker at the Provident Bank in Amesbury, MA with over 10 years of commercial bank lending experience. Todd joined Pennies for Poverty in the summer of 2015 in order to become more involved in helping the Greater Newburyport community. Todd’s outside interests include his family, golf, skiing, and traveling to new places.

Joe Carper, Board Member, moved to Newburyport in 2013 after retiring from a 30+ year career in senior management with non-profit organizations, including museums, environmental organizations, associations, and human service agencies in Massachusetts and the Washington, DC area. In addition to his community service activities, he organizes and leads hiking trips throughout Europe. Contact him by email at

Thom Connolly, Board Member, moved to Newburyport in 2007. He is President of International Light Technologies in Peabody, MA. Contact him by email at

Cheryl Kozuchowski, Board Member, was born and raised in Newburyport and moved to Amesbury in 2009. She is a graduate from the University of San Francisco, currently works at Arthur S. Page Insurance Agency in downtown Newburyport and also volunteers with hospice.

Yvonne McQuilkin, Board Member. A Newburyport resident since 2010, Yvonne’s background includes banking, commercial real estate, human resources, and landscape design. She is a certified life coach, and holds a Real Estate Broker’s license. Presently she is a board member of the Newburyport Council on Aging, and has been involved in aspects of the implementation of the new Senior Community Center. Yvonne’s energy is focused on the environment and climate, as well as working on income inequality both locally and at a global level. She has funded 30+ Kiva loans in 31 countries, as well as supporting a Nepalese child. She is a member of Transition Newburyport, an organization focused on “acting together locally to make the transition to a post-fossil-fuel world in a thoughtful and planned way, leading to a more fulfilling, socially connected, sustainable, resilient and self-reliant community”. She is a member of the First Religious Society (Unitarian Church). She can be reached at

Anne Bourbeau, Board Member, is a communications and marketing professional with over 30 years of experience and has worked in the corporate sector as well as in higher education.  Her expertise is in web communications, information design and usability and she is passionate about helping organizations build better websites.  She recently moved to Salisbury and joined Pennies for Poverty in the fall of 2016 to get more involved in the community.  Anne is also interested in elder care and recently started a part time job as a program assistant for a memory care center in Danvers, MA.  She is also a hospice volunteer. Contact Anne at

Debbie Knight, Clerk, was born and lived in Newburyport her entire life. She brought up three sons and is now retired. She is the bookkeeper for the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Merrimack Valley  (part time) since they opened in 2001. She also has volunteered for the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce for the past 15 years. Her mail is