Homelessness in the Newburyport Area

Pennies for Poverty has teamed up with the HOPE (Housing Opportunities through Partnerships and Education) Action Initiative to raise awareness about the plight of the homeless in greater Newburyport and to engage the community to take action.

HOPE and Pennies conducted five educational sessions, attended by from 30 to 120 people, during the winter and spring. If you want to learn more about the sessions conducted to date, visit here and sign up for our newsletter here.

The next session will be in late September, with events following in late October and early December. Also keep an eye out for new about a Winter Walk in January in our area to benefit those facing housing emergencies. In addition at the 6th Annual Music for Change Fundraiser to be held Nov 3rd, Pennies will include “fund a need” housing options in the live auction so people can contribute directly to programs that help the housing insecure.

One outcome of the meetings held to date is recognition of three major ways in which people in the community to help address local  housing insecurity: 1) volunteer at organizations that help people facing housing crises, 2) give money to those organizations, and 3) become an advocate for local, state and regional changes that better support creation of housing people can afford, people at risk of losing their housing and people who have lost secure housing. For information on where you can volunteer, donate, or help with advocacy, email Pennies@penniesforpoverty.org.

Who We Are

Pennies for Poverty: 2 Cents 4 Change, Inc. was founded with the belief that if everyone in the community does a little to help those in need, we can substantially reduce poverty and improve the well being of all members of the community. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit run by volunteer members of the community. With no paid staff or related expenses, we direct the full amount of your tax-deductible donation to fill the most urgent and important needs. We make every penny count.

Mission: Our mission is to promote and carry out efforts to reduce poverty in Newburyport, MA and its environs through fundraising, encouraging volunteerism and community service, and educating and raising awareness about poverty. We accomplish this by:

  • Raising funds to address urgent needs at local anti-poverty agencies.
  • Increasing awareness and educating about poverty in Greater Newburyport.
  • Helping people in need find ways of getting help through our mobile-friendly, searchable, online Resources Directory
  • Promoting volunteerism by advocating use of VolunteerMatch.org by local non-profits to publish their volunteer needs and publicizing its availability to the community.
  • Improving the quality of food provided to those in need by involving farms, fresh fish and natural food stores in our gift card program and distributing the majority of our gift cards during the growing season.
  • Publicizing food drives and other local anti-poverty activities.
  • Supporting local businesses by buying gift cards for donation to local anti-poverty organizations.

Guiding Principles: Pennies holds itself to the highest moral and ethical standards; promotes and fosters understanding and awareness of poverty and related issues; keeps the goal of ending poverty forefront in making decisions and policies; works to create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration within the Board as well as with the community at large; is open to new ideas and new initiatives that lift people out of poverty; is conscious not to initiate programs or events that could reduce funding or volunteering for the agencies who directly serve those in need.

Please consider joining our efforts to end poverty in Newburyport and surrounding towns. We need your ideas, your time and your efforts to make this program work. For more information or if you would like to be involved, email us at pennies@penniesforpoverty.org. To be added to our email list to receive our newsletters and announcements, please fill out this form. If you are an organization seeking funding, please use our Grant Application.